CJ2A s/n 100095

Bruce Hann of Rio Rancho, New Mexico has his hands on 1945 CJ2A 10095 -- only the 95th CJ2A built -- according to the only number tag on it.  It's registered as a '46, but Mr. Hann is working to register it correctly with the state's Department of Motor Vehicles.  The Jeep belonged to his father and is going through a complete rebuild.  The column shift parts were ripped out long ago and he is looking for  replacement parts -- so if you have any or know where to get them, shoot him an e-mail at happyhanns@lycos.com .  There are three cracks in the frame that need attention and the frame has been boxed to some extent.  Mr. Hann has a good motor and the correct steering column, but the parts are arriving slowly.  So far, every parts-Jeep he's seen is "wrong" or the parts are missing.  As Mr. Hann says, "Now I get to correct 30 years of abuse, especialy the V8 hack job."

A few interesting things that were added over the years are the do-it-yourself grab bar, the retractable ashtray, and, to the right of the ashtray, the bottle opener.

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