A '45 gets restored



Sharek Gadd sent this photo of his unrestored 1946 CJ2A.  "I purchased my Willys just after my departure from the Army. It's current state looks some what worse than this since the front end was removed.  It now has a 12 volt conversion, a refurbished mill, a flushed and tested original radiator, and the original oil filter re-installed. After the brakes , various bearings ,seals,rear lights, and... The Jeep will be my daily driver."

02/31/2003:  Sharek has sent an update:  "The last three years have been fruitful. The restoration of my CJ2A has been a great history lesson! The Jeep is 90% complete. I am in the process of completing the 7 piece canvas top which I have done myself with great help from Bart MacNiel and Fred Coldwell's book "Preproduction Civilian Jeeps". After I complete the top the search will be on for PTO system and a Bantam trailer. The Jeep is a 1945 according to the VIN (CJ2A 10224). The Jeep was first titled in January of 1946 but was manufactured in 1945. I still have some odds and ends to complete (speedo, hand brake, fuel gage, belt for governor, front bumper restoration, trailer plug, and return to a generator configuration). I have met some great people, discovered some great history, and had a great time!"

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