Jim Coffed's very original 1945 #11054


Jim, sends in the story about his jeep.

I've had the good fortunre to aquire an unmolested '45 2A.
Serial # 11054 (dash, firewall& frame)
Tailgate # 1178
Engine# 11162
Color: Green body,Yellow wheels. Repainted once a darker green w/ orange wheels
Factory canvas half-cab with lever on cab - not door.
Driver seat only
Wheels: slotted with conical bolt area.) as opposed to flat.
This jeep has spent it's hole life plowing snow on a large estate. It's had 2 owners - that last 2 owners of the estate and now me. Other than the addition of a home made plow, it is all stock. (wrong tail light also), It even came with it's original 1945 tires which were put on a shelf when replaced in the 50's by more agressive snow tires. I have put the 1945 tires back on. The odometer reads 6000 miles. The jeep runs and drives so well I believe that this is the correct reading.  The body has some rot where the floor and side join. I plan to get it road-worthy by overhauling the brakes and making electrical repairs.  I will preserve it's current appearance for now and perhaps someday to a ground-up restoration.


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