Merry Christmas, c.1945


North Carolina's Mark Weir sent these photos of his 1945 CJ2A.  " I fell in love with the flat fender jeeps when I was 14 years old, and bought this jeep when I was 17.  It was a menagerie of parts, including some DJ mechanicals.  This past year we set out to rebuild it, and took it all apart.  When I told my mechanic I wanted to keep the original body, he told me he would try to make palatable chicken salad out of the chicken shi* that was my tub.  Notice that you can see Crazy Gene’s legs in one of the pictures.  Gene was a well-known metal fabricator on the Nascar circuit, but now focuses on building off road rigs.  The 2A is probably the smallest truck in his shop, by far.  Hopefully we will be done by summer."

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