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Kermit is Willys CJ2A #24007, it is a column shift with original motor.  I had a friend who owned this Jeep before me, I use to see it sitting in his field at the rear of his property.  One day I inquired about the Jeep and we worked out a deal.  I could have it but I could not ever sell it.  OK with me.
Kermit as my children have named it was in very bad shape.  It had a bent and rusted windshield with no glass, the tub was covered in rust and mud, the floor was gone, but it started after 7 years of sitting.
I have replaced rims, windshield, tires, carburetor, generator, distributor, fuel pump, under dash coil and key combo (which I found in Minnesota), all the wiring, all the lights, brakes and master cylinder and wheel cylinders, etc.  I and a friend rebuilt the engine and the rear differential.  I found a column shift transmission and column shift parts at Walck's to replace the missing originals.  I have put sheet metal in the floors and bought a repo back seat and painted it in flat OD green.
The next step is a new tub, I want a replia Tub from Willys Overland.  But I have to wait till the money shows up.  In the mean time as you can see from the pictures, Kermit has fun.  Any time I start the Jeep I usually have kids crawling in for a ride.  Birthday parties at my house always include a Jeep ride.  Kermit is no fair weather Primadonna, He has taken on the trials at Land Between the Lakes and a few trail rides with our Middle Tennessee Vintage Willys Club.
Kermit the Jeep has a new friend, I recently found a Bantam trailer to pull behind him.  One day he will be restored and retired to parties, shows and parades, but until then, we play with the big boys.
Andrew Ward
Goodlettsville TN
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