No. 32209 in Ontario



John Dupuis purchased this column-shift 1946 CJ2A, serial number 32209.  He says the engine, frame and gearbox numbers match "very close".  It features a replacement body.  "The replacement is almost complete," he says, "but not the same as the original.  Canadian winters are tough on vehicles."

The Jeep had a feature that baffled Mr. Dupuis: a plug in the cylinder head.  In his own words, "Curiosity got the better of me so I removed the switch/ sensor from the head and you won't believe what I found. Someone had drilled out the center of one of the head studs and put a heater element down through it. They then welded an adapter on top of the stud and screwed the upper portion of the heater on and voila! a homemade block heater. The heater was manufactured in Winnipeg Canada so I can only assume that sometime during its life this Jeep was out west and a block heater was installed to put up with the -45°C temps they see out there in the winter. Truly Amazing!!!"

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