Don Young's 1946 rebuild.



Don Young has this nice-looking 1946 CJ2A in the California desert.  It has a CJ3A windscreen, and the tailgate has been welded up.  Note the fuel fillers on both sides of the body.  The right one is for an extra fuel tank.  Here's Don's story:

"My dad had owned a 43 willys jeep and that is what I drove during high school. It was a war jeep and had several bullett holes in it. The pictures in your webpage bring back alot of memories and different thoughts about the jeep that I had forgotten. I just purchased this jeep on Friday, July 20th and drove it to my mech first thing. My mech knowledge leaves alot to be desired and I wanted it looked over to see where I stand. I paid $2200. for it and wasn't sure if I got took or not. This jeep has 2 gas tanks one under each front seat. The previous owner put in a different steering colum and it takes up alot of room. The seats are also very large so there is not much room to move around.

"These are pictures of my jeep after getting the tiger top on. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I'm going to have to make a modification on the rear because the spare tire blocks me from being able to snap the top down in back. I will need to have it cut and sewed to make it work. My wife keeps telling me it's a work in progress.

"I purchased the top from Collins Brothers Jeep & Accessories for $471.18 plus shipping total $498.13. I started to put it on and didn't feel I was doing it right. So  one of the retired mechanics who has worked on jeeps a lot over the years put it on for $125.  As I said, I bought the jeep for $2200, and I figure I've a little over
$2000, into it now. I've ordered seat belts, and will be installing those when they show up. I don't have much more I want to do other than find some places to
store items like the bumper jack (I'm using the old kind). I've been told they work well in the loose sand. I hope I don't have to find out but, will be prepared
(maybe). Room has never been an issue with jeep lovers evidently because even the newer ones have very little. I of wish I'd done some welding prior to
painting but it didn't happen. I will learn to live with it. My wife and I are looking forward to going out and having some fun. I'll probably head towards Mitchell Caverns off I-40 around Essex. That about 50 miles from here or at least the turn off is. I will be traveling on National Trail Hwy Old route 66 just taking my time."

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