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Kenneth Levan sends these beautiful pics of his immaculate 1946 CJ2A s/n 75863.  Here's his story:

"This project began December 29, 2000 when I found a 1946 CJ2A just like the one I had when I was in high school back in 1962.  The Jeep hadnít been started for more than five years and the seller wanted way too much money, but the body appeared to be in pretty good shape and largely unaltered except for access holes cut into the floor panels on each side of the transmission hump.  The Jeep looked so good, my brother and I speculated that with a battery and some fresh plugs we might even get it running that afternoon.

"What you see took 18 months and a complete, frame-off restoration.  As well as the 1946 CJ2A, it includes parts from a 1947 donor Jeep.   Engine, transmission, transfer case, and front and rear axles have been completely rebuilt.  Brake system has been completely replaced including new brake lines, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, drums and shoes. Wiring and ignition are all new including a 12 volt alternator and Pertronix solid state distributor module.

"15 inch wheels and 235 75R tires replaced the original 16 inch rims and tires, which I intend to keep for car shows.  New seat covers and cushions came from Beachwood Canvas.  New floor panels and hat channels came from JeePanels of Maine.  Rear cross member and front bumper came from LaMonte at Classic Enterprises.  Exhaust system came from Quadratec, wiring harness came from Walcks, and just about everything else came from Willys Works in Tucson, Arizona including a huge amount of very good technical advice from Rob and Steve the proprietors.

"The most enjoyable task was rebuilding the transmission and transfer case thanks to the excellent video from Rick Stivers.  The longest and least enjoyable task was the body work, which I finally turned over to Body Shapers here in Albuquerque.  The abundance of technical information on the CJ2A Page, the CJ3B Page, Willys Tech, and Dr. Vern allowed me to plunge onward and overcome even the seemingly most impossible challenges.

"Best investments: a professional parts washer from Safety Klean with a 55 gallon drum of solvent, a folding shop crane, and a MIG welder."

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