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"Hi - I've enjoyed reading about all the other Willys out there and thank you for all the work you've done - it's been a great help so far.  Attached is a picture of my new '46 Willys #54279.  As you can see, it has the M38-type windshield and has been painted drab green (I think the original color was red).  I don't know much about the vehicle's origin, but was wondering if anyone knows anything about why it has this windshield instead of the typical split version (it also has a hole in the left front fender - blackout light?).  The previous owner told me that until 1991 it was used by a landscaping company in New Jersey as a plow vehicle and was rescued by him to be restored.  He had started the project, purchasing all sorts of parts for it (three huge boxes) including the new Bestop, but unfortunately, due to an illness, was no longer able to continue and decided it was time to go.  I drove by a few weeks ago, saw the "For Sale" sign and bought it a day later (March 2002).  I've been working through some of the kinks and continuing the restoration that he began.  I'll definately keep it around for a long time and hope to complete what the previous owner intended.  Back to the garage...  Peter Larsen"
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