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Just kidding.  Not all of the roads in Alaska look like this!  But Rick Andrews' CJ2A looks right at home in this rugged and beautiful state.

"Where to start and then when to stop. I guess the short view is that the Willys was a near total basket case when I got it. The frame and mechanicals have been totally restored down to the last bearing. The original flat head was bored out to 30 over, the block decked and the head  plained to up the compression ratio one full point. That along with a triple angle valve job allows it to do a honest 60 mph. This takes the rpms up to about 400 rpm from a red line of 4000 rpm. The electrics are now twelve volt. The only resister used is for the fuel sending unit. The alternator  is a one wire marine. Running two Optima batteries, one for normal ignition and lights and a 1000 amp for the 4500 winch and inverter. Tires are 15 inch Goodyear MTR on after market rims. The top is an original after market that I run without the door spacers and doors cause I can't get in  it with them on. I took this Willys to Alaska in the summer of 2000 for two months up into the Dutch hills and into areas that the Humvees and  four wheel drive pickups could not. The picture is at the only smooth spot on the road/creek up to the Blue Ribbon Mine in Alaska. All of the original parts have been saved and with the exception of 3/8s holes nothing has been changed that can't be easyly returned to original. The body  is fair and is the only thing still needing work."

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