1946 CJ2A # 23995



Raymond Bleesz of Vail, Colorado sent these photos of his 1946 CJ2A.  Sharp-eyed readers will see that the windscreen is from a CJ3A, showing that some parts are interchangeable between the models.  It was returned to him by the restorer on Sunday, September 9th 2001.  The third photo shows two great symbols of America -- Old Glory, and the Jeep.  Mr. Bleesz writes:

"As a youth from rural Connecticut, I had very early exposure to 4 wheeling in the mountains of Colorado during the summer months.--specifically in the Granby area in North Park-- a good 3 hours west & north of Denver . The summer experiences of jeeping bonded me to the West & to jeeps.

"Having lived in Colorado since 1970, I always wished for an old jeep. My brother, who was living in Maryland at the time, purchased this jeep (prior to its restoration) for me as a birthday gift and towed it out to Colorado. He purchased it from a good old boy in Hagerstown, Md area for $600.  The jeep also had a full aluminum cab/doors on it which I still have.

"I have the serial data plates for the body, frame, etc and all three match.  There is a data plate on the motor indication that the motor was rebuilt at the LKY Ordnance Depot in Chambersburg, Pa.

"I decided the jeep was in dire need of help.  Four new military tires were purchased.  The front steering was replaced due to shimmy. The frame was rusted out
in certain areas and needed shoring.

"At that time, I decided to do a more complete restoration and turned the vehicle over to a repair person in Idaho Springs, Colorado.  That person worked on this vehicle for 4 years. I purchased another body which was cannibalized for parts,---- the front cowling was replaced as was the front fenders & the rear part of the tub likewise.

"It cost more than I wanted to spend, however.  I have given this particular jeep an Honorable Discharge. This '46 CJ2A is two years younger than I."

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