1946 CJ2A -- With Tool Indents!
CJ2A #18172



Scott Paulman of Lebanon, Ohio sends these photos of his 1946 CJ2A with column shift and tool indents.  Here's his story:

"This is my 46 CJ2A #18172 that I purchased on October 20, 2000.  The Jeep was listed in the Yahoo classifieds as a 45 CJ2A.  The fact that it was a 1945 model caught my attention and began a series of emails to the owner.  I confirmed that it had the tool indents in the drivers side and was a column shift.  I had asked the owner for the serial number prior to my trip but the Jeep and all of the registration papers were stored at his brothers house and he did not have easy access to them.  I made arrangements to make the trip from Lebanon, OH to Sterret, AL the following weekend.  The first item that I looked at upon my arrival was the serial number.  I was somewhat disappointed to find that it was actually an early 46 model.  The Jeep ran great, was mostly original (except for the Kayline top that was added and non-CJ2A windshield) and only had minimal rust so I decided to buy it anyways since I had traveled 10 hours to look at it."

"The Jeep was registered as a 45 model so I can see where the previous owner got his information.  The serial number on the registration was also incorrect – CJZA1812.  When I got the CJ titled in Ohio, I convinced the lady at the BMV to correct the title after showing her the serial number information in Jim Allen’s The Illustrated Jeep Buyer’s Guide."

"I drove the Jeep around a bit after I bought it but soon decided that I wanted to freshen it up.  I have removed the body and had it dipped by Redi-Strip in Columbus, OH to remove the four layers of paint that had found their way onto the body – the original harvest tan, red, green and then the brown coat that it wore when I bought it.  The body looks great and is still remarkably intact.  After a bit of metal repair, mainly the front floor and some minor rust near the side steps, I plan to put it back to harvest tan.  I have decided not to put the Kayline top back on because it requires snaps to be screwed into the sheetmetal.  I think the body looks much cleaner without the snaps so I am going to have all of the screw holes welded up and have the bow pockets welded back on (they were removed so the new top would fit right).  I also plan to purchase a reproduction 2A windshield to replace the modified MB (I think) windshield that it came with."

"When I am finished putting it back together, it will see duty mostly running weekend errands and taking topless drives on sunny days."

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