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Peggy Struhsacker sends these photos of her 1946 CJ2A, with a restored CJ3A for comparison.

"This is the green 1946 CJ2A with the plow and winch I bought in 1983. It was basically running gear and a running engine. I bought it, and what was left of the body, and did a lot of pop riveting. I found the plow, and the Koenig winch locally. The winch and bumper mount was salvavaged off a junked Willys truck. I cut off the bumper ends,  and made simple spacers to fit the 2a frame. Its bolted to the draw bar, the spacers on the frame, and the PTO lined up perfectly. The plow is a period Monarch with a Fisher piston. This vehicle has been a real workhorse for us in Vermont. I just finished the restoration on the Potomic Grey CJ3A."

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