Java Jeep: 1946 CJ2A in Indonesia

Tony Gurney sent thes photos of his 1946 CJ2A "in action" in Indonesia.  Here is the story from Tony's Java Jeep website:

"According to my Buku Pemilik Kendaraan Bermotor (BPKB or registration papers for the  native English speakers) Jeep No: 1's first entry in the registration papers is in 1973 in Palembang, South Sumatra as an 1944 MB (No: MB298928 - the only MB in it is 'My B*tt' -  NOTE: August 2001 - OK the trans is an MB also). One of the problems here is that most 50 year old Jeeps are missing their data plates - so until I get a chance to go right over it a 1946 - 1948 CJ2A is my best guess - opinions on actual year welcomed!

"Before leaving Sumatra (the large island north of the Krakatua volcano - Java is South) it spent quite some time running around one of the many plantations up there. Last year purchased by a magistrate in Klaten, Central Java and used by his wife as daily transport to  pick up the children from school and trips to Yogyakarta. I saw it during the December holidays - I was stuck in traffic and it pulled up next to me - 2 days later it was mine.

"Looks like it was made from at least 2 or 3 vehicles and models [I would love some feedback from the experts on this] and it is definitely not an MB - I now know the basic differences  after spending the last 2 months scouring just about every Willys Jeep web-site on the planet Earth. In some ways I'm glad because I wouldn't have been able to bring myself to modify it to the stage it is at even presently.

"Just a quick word on this - 'show' jeeps make parades,'mongrel' jeeps help make history ! -  "50 years old and the thing still off-roads" - ok   .

"Mechanically the drivetrain was a mess, no front diff centre or axles and a Diahatsu Taft 4x4  rear differential.

"By the way it is LHD and has the indents on the drivers side for shovel and axe. Most cars  here are RHD so it will be interesting on some of the narrow 2 lane country roads here.

"The Jeep spent 8 weeks in the workshop . The L-head engine was rebuilt, new clutch, new tyres, driveline drum handbrake installed (no handbrake when I got the Jeep) and now has fully functioning and original 4x4.

"Mods have been done to the vehicle for off road drive-ability and safety - disc brake front end, seat belts, the A-bar (which is stored behind the front seats on a rig bolted flat to the floor) a swing type spare tyre and Jerry Can holder (by the way the Jerry Can has MD 1945 stamped on it). The vehicle was 12 volt and had the roll cage installed when I got it.

"Cost to date (with 8 weeks of workshop labour) is now getting close to US $3,000."

There's more to the story!  Including more photos, a description of the Jeep's island... and an attack by pirates!

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