Jon Felly's 1947 CJ2A
in G.I. colours



Jon Felly of Madison, Wisconsin restored his 1947 CJ2A to resemble a military-issue jeep.

"These are a few photos of the jeeps history.  It was a little more complicated and expensive than I thought but it will last a long time now and be alot of fun for the kids for years to come.

When we got into it I found out the frame was torn, only one brake worked, the bell housing in the transmission had a hole in it 6" around, and one shock was torn off . That was some of the hidden damage.

I replaced the brakes from the master cylinder, lines to brake cylinders and replaced the pads and two drums, plus the emergency brake. New shocks, tires (original WWII bi-directional), a new bell housing, clutch plate, new radiator, hoses, belts and seats.  We degreased the thing 3 times before I had it sand blasted and painted.

Bear Valley Auto in Bear Valley,  Wisconsin did the work.  They welded new metal into the body, rebuilt it and painted it.  I couldn't afford a new tub and didnt want to spoil the character."

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