Martin Bardi's 47 in



I bought this willys 1947. It was abandoned for a long time in a house beside the sea in a small country call Villa Gesell (Argentina) Latitude:37° 15' 58 S -*- Longitude:56° 58' 37 O. It is a place  where the people go to summer holidays to enjoy the wide beach, sand and sea. 

Such a long time, with my best friend Guillermo Martínez Salas, a great mechanic of 4x4, we began the rebuilt changing the chassis and some parts of the bodywork that we were buying in differents dismantle place.

Today it is on road again, but we have to work a lot yet. We are very happy with our Willys and we are working so hard to keep it as original as possible.

Finally I congratulate you about the page, I like it so much, I could take a lot of information from it.

Regards, hoping that you can publish my willy’s.
Martin Bardi


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