Peter Violette's 1947 CJ2A

"The photo is as I found my old friend. I had rebuilt the engine and had her in fair driving order before I was drafted in 1972. I left her in a garage, but ended up spending twenty years in the Marine Corps. Dad needed the space and pushed her out side. I guess she was quietly rusting away for about 15 years.

I settled in Virginia and finally brought her down one summer. It's one of those projects you would never start if it wasn't for the memories. I use to drive her on the farm in Maine, she was a lot of fun to drive and could go most anywhere on the farm. My wife and daughter use to drive her, while I was overseas, down to one of the back fields and pick wild strawberries.

After I got her back home to Virginia, rebuilt the carb, got a new fuel pump, tank and battery, she fired right up. I've started a from the ground up rebuild. The rear axle is done, front almost and I'm now working on the steering. Next will be the transmission, clean up the engine, then start on the body. Someday she'll be all fixed and have a new paint job. As we all know this takes a lot of time and a good amount of money, but I think she's worth saving."

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