HomeGlenn Torbert's 1948 was owned by a 90 year old lady

Glenn Torbert writes: "This jeep belonged to a 90 year old lady, her daughter-in-law's father used this jeep on his farm in south Georgia for years, it was never tagged or driven on the road. The original color was harvest tan, it did not have original wheels when I bought it.

"When I towed this jeep home the rear wheels were locked up, the crank case, transmission and block were full of water.  After taking the tub off the frame I elected to trade for another 48 tub, but still had to replace the passenger side with panels from Jeep Plus, all other parts are original.  My restoration includes overall of front and rear differentials, transfer case, transmission and brakes. After draining all the fluids and inspecting the block I was fortunate enough not to overall the engine, It has all new wiring, brake lines, seals and gaskets in the axles.  The entire jeep was disassembled, sand blasted and repainted piece by piece.  The jeep was reassembled after painting.  The complete project took me 8 mths working  on weekends and 1-2 nights per week.  The two biggest challenges I had with
this project were getting the rear bearing off the frozen axles and getting the jeep to turn over due to the points shorting out under the distributor cap."

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