Sales Brochure for "The Universal Jeep"


This Willys Universal Jeep sales brochure was provided to The CJ2A Page by Derek Redmond of The CJ3B Page.  Thanks to John McClenathen for scanning it!  It shows the myriad uses to which the CJ2A and CJ3A can be put and includes charts and graphs, a great shot of the underside of the vehicle, accessories, orthographic drawings and more!

The cover shows the new CJ3A Universal "Jeep", but there are several CJ2A photos inside.  Since it shows both the CJ2A and the CJ3A, I'm estimating it dates from 1949.

This page is a bit graphics-intensive with 25 thumbnails, so it may be slow to load.  The table is arranged so that each of the four rows contains three pairs of pages -- left and right as if you had the brochure spread in front of you.

Click on each picture to see the larger version, then use your Back button to return to this page.

brochure_pg02.jpg brochure_pg03.jpg brochure_pg04.jpg brochure_pg05.jpg brochure_pg06.jpg brochure_pg07.jpg
brochure_pg08.jpg brochure_pg09.jpg brochure_pg10.jpg brochure_pg11.jpg brochure_pg12.jpg brochure_pg13.jpg
brochure_pg14.jpg brochure_pg15.jpg brochure_pg16.jpg brochure_pg17.jpg brochure_pg18.jpg brochure_pg19.jpg
brochure_pg20.jpg brochure_pg21.jpg brochure_pg22.jpg brochure_pg23.jpg brochure_pg24.jpg brochure_pg25.jpg

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