CJ2A Operation and Care
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Chassis Bearings, Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Clean and lubricate each 1000 of road service.  Make certain each bearing surface is properly lubricated and oil all clevis pins, yokes, hood hooks and the upper end of the hand brake conduit.  Lubricate these parts DAILY when using the vehicle for field work as the new lubricant will force the old from the bearings and the grit and dirt which may have accumulated.  Use No. 0 chassis lubricant for winter and No. 1 in summer.

Engine Crankcase, No. 1
Drain engine oil when hot and refill with fresh oil each 2000 miles of road service.  For power take-off and field operation change the oil at each 50 hours.  Watch the condition of the oil closely and should it be contaminated due to conditions of operation, change it immediately.  When changing oil, always drain the oil filter to prevent the dirty oil in the filter from mixing with the new.  Change filter unit at each 8000 miles of highway travel and each 200 hours of industrial or field work.

Transmission and Transfer Case, No. 12, 13
Check the level in the housings each 1000 miles.  Change oil at each 6000 miles of road service or 300 hours of field work.  Note that the requirements of these housings are small for economy and it is important that the oil level be checked regularly and changed at the time specified when the vehicle is used in heavy duty service.

Front and Rear Differentials, No. 18
Check the level at each 1000 miles and change the oil each 6000 miles of road service and 300 hours of field work.  Use extreme pressure (hypoid type) lubricant.

Front Axle King Pin Bearings and Universal Joints, No. 14
Check oil level each 1000 miles.  Change the lubricant at each 6000 miles of road service and 300 hours of field service.

Steering Gear, No. 15
Check lubricant level each 1000 miles.  When level is low use a hand gun to fill the housing slowly.  Avoid the use of cup grease, graphite, white lead or heavy solidified oil.

Power Take-Off and Belt Pulley Housings, Nos. 16, 17
Check the lubricant level each time the vehicle is lubricated.  Should the units be used frequently change the lubricant each 3000 hours.

Ignition Distributor, No. 19
Lubricate each 1000 miles or equivalent in field service.  Place several drops of engine oil in the oiler at the side of housing; also place a drop of light oil on the wick in shaft under the rotor and sparingly apply soft grease on the breaker arm cam and a drop of oil on the breaker arm pivot.

Generator and Starting Motor, Nos. 20, 21
Place three to five drops of oil in the oilers each 1000 miles.  Do not overlubricate.

Governor, No. 23
At each lubrication check the level in the housing.  note that three plugs are provided; drain plug, level plug and filler plug.  Fill the housing to the filler plug level with the same grade oil used in the engine.  Avoid overfilling.

Air Cleaner, No. 22
For normal operation clean the air cleaner and replace the oil each 2000 miles using the same grade used in the engine.  Clean this unit and change oil in accordance with conditions of operation -- twice daily when the vehicle is used in extremely dusty field service.

Power Take-Off Universal Joints, No. 25
For average service the original factory lubrication will last the life of the vehicle.  If the power take-off is used often for continuous operation, disassemble and repack once each year.

Front Wheel Bearings, No. 24
Remove the front wheel bearings and clean them thoroughly each 6000 miles of road service or 300 hours of industrial service after which repack them with wheel bearing lubricant.

Rear Wheel Bearings, No. 26
Lubricate the rear wheel bearings sparingly with a compressor.  See WHEEL BEARINGS.

NOTE -- The water pump and clutch release bearings are prelubricated and the lubricant lasts for the life of the bearings.  Some of the speedometers supplied are equipped with a wick type oiler located on the drive shaft boss directly above the tube a d shaft connection to the speedometer head.  Lubricate this oiler with a few drops of light oil twice each year.

CAUTION -- Do not use mineral oil on the shock absorber rubber mounting connections.

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