CJ2A Operation and Care
Manual --  Directions for Ordering Parts)

When new parts are necessary, it is recommended that these be ordered from the nearest Willys-Overland Dealer.

Do not order parts in a letter in which some other subject is treated.

When ordering parts for a particular vehicle, give the model, engine, and serial number of the vehicle.

The serial number will be found stamped on plate located on the outside of the left frame side rail at the front end, and at the left side of the driver’s seat on the floor riser.

Engine number will be found stamped on top of the water pump boss at the front end of the cylinder block.

Never order in sets, but give the exact quantity of the parts desired.

Specify both the part number and the name of the part in full, and if similar parts are used on both the right and left-hand sides, specify for which side you want the new part or parts, because many parts made for right and left sides are not interchangeable.

If in doubt as to the parts needed, take the broken parts to your dealer, or send them to the factory by prepaid express.  Write your name and address plainly on the package, so that it can be identified when received.

Write, stating what you are sending and the purpose for which it is sent regardless of any previous correspondence.  All parts are held until advice is received.

Give definite shipping instructions – whether the new parts are to be sent by express, freight or parcel post.

In ordering parts by telegram, be sure to send the message prepaid and to confirm it by written order, bearing notation, “Confirm Wire Order.”

NOTE:  Parts replaced under the terms of the Warranty must be left with the Willys-Overland Dealer who makes the replacement, if full credit is expected.

This is important for owners to know when traveling outside the territory in which their vehicle was originally purchased, particularly when credit for old parts cannot be established to satisfaction of the Dealer.

In this connection, a forwarding address should be given by the owner in order to insure the receipt of proper credit.


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