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"These are full size drawings, to be printed off on 8.5 X 11 paper, that can be used as templates.  Print them, cut as noted, and tape to side panel for proper placement of bow pockets." -- Bruce Mullen    46 CJ2A #30147

Bruce Mullen sent these drawings of the top bow pockets found on the left side of Willys CJ2A Jeeps.  When the top is off, the four upright portions of the bows fit in them.  (The three horizontal pieces go into the clamps on the inside of the windscreen frame.)  Note that these drawings are of the planform.  That is, this is how they look when you're viewing them from directly above.  In order to make the pockets you will need to include the sides, which are not visible in the drawings.  I'll modify the drawings when I get a chance and post them, but in the meantime I hope that these will help.

CJ2A Top Bow Front Pocket
CJ2A Top Bow Rear Pocket

Many thanks to Bruce for contributing the drawings!

4 August, 2002
Lars-Göran Svensson sent these photos of his hand-made bow pocket reproductions.

He says he has ten sets available (at this writing) and can be reached in Sewden at jeepen@telia.com.

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