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Re: Lubrication question

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Posted by Bruce Mullen on May 14, 2005 at 07:47:13:

In Reply to: Posted by on May 13, 2005 at 15:28:19:

A discussion on this same subject is on WillysTech message board now. Called knuckle pudding, here is the recipe:
Rick Stivers knuckle pudding recipe. Here it is:

****** Begin recipe
I have found that KP can be easily made using just 90W oil and the plain old
fashioned wheel bearing grease. You know the stuff that is kind of
green and real thick. I put a container of the wheel bearing grease in a
gallon coffee can and slowly mix in the 90W until the mixture just stops
peaking (when you pull out the mixing stick the KP should slowly form back
into the can). If you take out the stick, and the surface isn't pretty
smooth twenty minutes later, it is still to thick. Some folks like to add
heat to the process but I've found that it mixes up fine without it and it
doesn't smell as bad this way.

Once you have it back together you can put the KP in a ziplock bag and cut
off a small corner. Then you can squirt the KP into the fill hole until it
is level with the hole. KP is thin enough to pool back into the bottom and
thick enough to not run out the shims.
******** End recipe.

I use a cheap (read really inexpensive) suction gun to fill the knuckles. Works
great with no mess.

: Exactly what product should be used to lube the front steering knuckes? I know the book says universal joint lubricate but if someone could name a product or what to look for that would be helpful. Thanks!

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