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CJ2A Engine Bore

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Posted by Dale Dubbert on May 15, 2005 at 09:50:43:

I have a 48 CJ2A, L4-134 engine s/n J-109663AB. As I understand, the B suffix indicates .002" oversized original cylinder bores. This engine has been rebored ... cylinders 1,2,& 3 to .030" over, but for whatever reason, cylinder #4 was bored out to .040" over. Cylinder 4 measures .0435" over (3.1685") on average and is within OEM specs for taper and out-of-round. I want to rebore so all are equal diameter. Should I have all rebored to .060" over, or should I just hone #4 and rebore 1-3 to .040" over? The general condition of all bores is very good: no scoring or pitting, just glazed. Also, OEM indicates .040 as maximum oversize, but .060 and .080 oversized pistons are available. Can I go .060 over without sleaving?
Thanks in advance!

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