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Re: Brake Rebuild

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Posted by Bill Goodwin on May 24, 2005 at 09:17:43:

In Reply to: Posted by on May 24, 2005 at 08:24:10:

: Hello,

: Now that I have my 46 back together, it runs great and would probably drive. However, it has no brakes. I tried to bleed them, and the FL and RL bled fine. The FR and RR did not bleed at all.

: My question is - how do I access the brakes? The Luddel book only says "tap the housing with a hammer" and has a terrible picture. I took off the tire, but I don't see how the drum comes off by banging on it. I then took off the warn hub with the 5 bolts, but now it looks like I would need to take off a snap ring and start dissasembling the whole assembly.

: Thanks!
: Jeremy

Lets start simple. Dissconect a brake line to one side at the "S" fitting. See if any fluid come out. Then the outher side. (you only need loosen) You may have a pluged line. To get the ft hubs off like all cars you need to remove the wheel barrings. You should use the special hub nut socket made for this. They are cheep and can be bought from any vendor and most NAPA stors. Book tells you how. Not knowing witch Warn Hubs you have do not remove the smap ring before the wheel barrings. Some Warns the snap holds the freewheeling assbly together and does not and should not be removed with the unit on the axle. This of course would not be the case if you cannot gain access the the barrings. If you have fluid and the ends of the lines and if no brake action at all and no bleeding then I beleive you will need new wheel cyls. Someone here might have the instructions on how the Warn Hubs you have are installed. Bill

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