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Re: Tires: Polyester or Nylon

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Posted by Bill Goodwin on May 27, 2005 at 23:52:35:

In Reply to: Posted by on May 25, 2005 at 14:02:26:

: Okay. I'm getting tired of feeling like a nag looking for info, but I apparently really don't know much about tires. So I'm hoping someone else knows more. Should I go with the polyester tires or pop the extra cash for the nylon tires. Is there really a difference? is one more prone to dry rot? Or is it wear life? Or flat spotting from sitting too long without being driven? thanks in advance, you guys on this page have been great reasources so far.

When it come to tires their is no absalute answer. It depends on how you use you Jeep. My restored one will not be used off road so I went with passenger car tread. If you have looked around you have found little choice for 16.600. All tires will dry-rot after time and if left in direct sunlight will faster. Un used tires will also rot faster. I think poly's are more prone to flat spotting. Mileage? Since you can't burn rubber You should get around 15,000 to 20,000 miles. If you watch Motorweek-Pat Goss says no tire should be used if it is over 5years old. I think he has stock in rubber. Be aware that frount tires on a 4X4 wear faster than the rear. Tuff Question here. Comes down to how and where you live-you use the Jeep and what you want to pay. Radials are by far better but not correct. I do not recomend Military tread. I was in the Army and can tell you on Jeeps-3/4s and duce's they were squreely on wet pavement. Poor brakeing traction and rough ride. I know some will disagree just my assesment. Bill+

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