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Re: driveshaft yoke removal

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Posted by Bill Goodwin on May 29, 2005 at 07:23:20:

In Reply to: Posted by on May 23, 2005 at 14:49:51:

: got ahold of a bigger compressor and impact wrench, that did the trick. I was going to replace the u-joints while i had it off tho and there stuck in there pretty good. Any advice on getting those out, is it ok to pound on them? thanks
: justin

We all have our own way to replace U-Joints. OK to pound but be careful. You can bend the yoke and knock out the neddle barrings. I have good luck with a arbor press. Use a good socket the dame diamitor as the joint on the opposite side of the one you are baning on. Leave off the two caps with the neddle barrings (where the U-bolts go) when installing the joints. I also take out the zert fittings till after I install the joint as not to brake one off. Only place one cap on and start the joint into the yoke then turn it over and start the outher one as not to loose the needle barrings. If you have acess to a shop press they work well also. If you have any problem then this is one of these jobs it pays to go to your local mechanic as the charge is cheap. You only need to take the drive shafts. Note If by chance you pull the drive shafts apart be sure you line the arrows up when you put then back. Yokes should be 90 degrees off. I also make sure the frount and rear driveshafts ane installed 90 degrees off. Yes I know they don't stay that way if you have freewheeling hubs. New U-Joints are tight and stiff. As long as they are greesed they will be fine. Bill

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