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Jeep proving grounds jeep really stinks!

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Posted by Catharf on May 29, 2005 at 07:46:52:

Ok guys, heres your chance to redeem yourselves and earn some of those hard to get willy's points. Let me first say that I was the one that posted the "what is it with Willy's" a while back and yes I love driving our Willy's they are alot of fun. However, Gary is a fanatic and this latest project has me rethinking my love of the little jeeps. This latest one he bought really stinks. I dont mean this in a figuritive way I mean it literally stinks. He has it parked on the side of the house and has been scraping the crud off it for two weeks now. You may have seen his post about it. The stuff really reeks. he ended up using kerosene and a wire brush but now it has permeated the ground all around the jeep and also his clothing and boots he was wearing. So my question is; how do I get rid of this stench?? I don't want to wash the clothes in my washer (he thinks it would be okay) and the stench on the side of the house is breathtaking (not in a good way) even if I get rid of him and the jeep the stench would still remain Any suggestions?

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