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Re: Jeep proving grounds jeep really stinks!

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Posted by Joe DeYoung on May 29, 2005 at 18:29:38:

In Reply to: Posted by on May 29, 2005 at 11:24:12:

: : Kerosene was probably a bad choice for the reason you have discovered. That and 90 weight gear oil are two odors that will be with you from now on. Best thing (won't help now probably) is to use the same clothes and just throW them away when done but like you said it's in the ground now and unfortunately everytime the sun heats it you're gonna be reminded of it.

: : As for washing here's an idea I used with greasy clothes and it works even as weird as it sounds but I'm not sure about kerosene.

: : Load your washer and add soap as usual.(the more fragrant the better, you know, get him smelling like a 'Spring Garden' or a 'Mountain Spring' or maybe even 'Clean Linen') To this, pour in one or two canned Cokes (not Mt Dew, not Dr. Pepper but COKE) It takes grease out as well as the prewash stuff they sell so maybe it'll work on kerosene stench. You would be wise after the first rinse cycle, to just back it up and add soap again without the Coke and let it wash through another cycle. After washing see how it worked BEFORE putting it in the dryer. Once it goes through a drying cycle it seems to set it in making it harder to wash out.(especially with 90 weight, normally I just throw those clothes away)

: : Let us know how you come out (the clothes, I mean) hey, the worse case scenario is, he has to buy you a new washer because everything you wash from now on smells like kerosene !(it won't)JUST MAKE SURE THE SMELL IS GONE BEFORE YOU PUT THEM IN THE DRYER.

: In my defense I used Simple green as a degreaser and only used kerosene in a cup to clean the wire brush. But does stink.

:Tough break Gary... And you were doing so well with Willys points. I use simple green at the shop and think it smells OK. Perhaps mixing simple green and old spice together will win some of your points back... otherwise I guess next time you should put down a 4x8 sheet of OSB, and use coveralls. As for now, you'll probably have to remove the top layer of dirt and burn the clothes. Maybe you could build a temporary floorless sand blasting booth over the hole, blast all your stuff, and use the sand for fill.
:Good Luck

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