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Re: Jeep proving grounds jeep really stinks!

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Posted by Pete on May 31, 2005 at 05:33:00:

In Reply to: Posted by on May 30, 2005 at 08:36:43:

I live in SC, and have been working on a 47 2A for coming-up three years. It's hot during the summer here and shade is at a premium. I frequently work in a garage. I happen to have a 2 car garage that connects to our kitchen through a single door. A couple of summers ago, While I was still in the parts cleaning phase, I spilt about 1.5 gallons of kerosene about halfway into the garage. It covered about 2/3 of the floor (nice level floor!). The day was hot, the air was heavy...... and stank. Unhappily the kitchen and living room got a fairly heavy dose of the noxious cloud. I still don't understand how it worked it's way under the kitchen door and into the house. I had every fan running, I hosed out the garage, I used degreaser (talk about the cure being worse than the desease!), nothing worked.
SHE... was not amused! SHE... became something I've never imagined. She became unbalanced by the fumes and even insisted that the junk in the garage (that cute little Jeep, that I got such a good deal on)had to go. In all fairness, it really was pretty bad! I needed coaching but knew no-one qualified (this being pro-level, "do not attempt this at home" stuff.) Alas, I had yet to meet Dr. Vern of Vernco.
It took about six months, but time alone has brought things back to normal (wife and smell).

On a happy note, the termites I found in the sill plate of the garage, while swabbing the deck for the upteenth time, have moved out.

I'm still in deficit Willys points but getting closer to break even (The Jeep is rolling, and I was able to take SHE for a ride two weeks ago).

As a client of mine said recently, "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger".


: Ok Gary wants me to inform you all that he recovered the scrapings in a box and did not create a superfund site with the kerosene. He pressure washed the jeep only after scrubbing it with simply green and now that he has moved the jeep to paint it, the jeep is what stinks not the ground where he did it. Oh and he says he likes that smell, it smells like a good project.
: (I am being forced to write this)
: Thank you rocnroll for the suggestion but i think i will be burning the clothes.

: For Sale: One stinky proving grounds jeep and one jeep mechanic must be sold together will not separate b/o

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