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ebay seller ripped me off

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Posted by mike g on June 06, 2005 at 17:00:38:

i just won 2 auctions for two jeeps a week ago 7976351470, and 7976351473. look at these ebay auction #'s. the one jeep i got because i wanted the chrome rings around the rims. the other jeep i wanted because i wanted a hard top and i figured i could use some parts off of the two to help me w/ mine. they are listed as a 44 and 46 jeep! wrong, they were a 4
late 47 and late 48, but i could live w/ that. after driving 4 hours to north pa from baltimore i was told that the rings on the wheels were not part of the deal and that they were not avalible. tom took them off of the jeep before i ever got there. i didn't want the jeep i only bought it for the chrome rings! other than that both were falling apart in front of me. i am hoping no one here deals w/ tom. he owned the jeeps (watch out!) jeff is his the neighbor who listed the jeeps on ebay for tom. jeff is a great guy. i wasted a whole weekend and over 300.00 dollares including that auction and got only a hard top out of it that looks like it was through a shreder. i did help jim (here on thecj2apage) out who has been looking for a jeep in maryland i gave him the jeep and a spare frame and spare wheel for 120.00. the price of the 2 auctions. watch for that seller don't mess w/ him! the jeeps were in stroudsburg i hope no one has to deal w/ this jerk. thank you for reading my venting, anger, and disapointment in a fellow jeeper.
mike g

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