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Re: ebay seller ripped me off

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Posted by Bill Goodwin on June 07, 2005 at 11:38:07:

In Reply to: Posted by on June 06, 2005 at 17:06:02:

: ps:
: i left the jeep ther and removed the hard top. i told him to relist it and sell it again. i didn't have enough room on my trailer for it. i figured that was cool i paied for the jeeps and left one for him to sell and make more $ on again. he acted as if i ran over his dog!

EBay like outher postings the seller normaly thinks his item is better than it is. Most EBay sellers let you contact them with questions. Like you I have made many a long trip only to come home empty. Did you check the sellers feedback before you bid? I bought a Triumph on EBay in October that was in Baltimore. Seller was honest and up frount the car was nice but not perfect. Point-Seller thought the windshield was good and I did not. New clutch yes but the wroung one. Trans problem worse and more expensive to fix than we thought. I would buy from this seller again but will check out any car in more detail. Bill

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