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Re: floor boards

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Posted by jack on June 09, 2005 at 10:48:47:

In Reply to: Posted by on June 09, 2005 at 10:44:38:

: : need to replace the front floorboard in my 2A ... i see jc whitney sells a replacement for cj5's but no 2A's ... i have the equipment to fabricate them myself .. but ... getting old and lazy i guess ... does anyone know a manufacturer that sells pre-fab floor board for 2A's ... i've got a mig welder so i can do the installation ... i don't want to just cover the old stuff ... last owner did that ... sandwiched the rust between new metal on the top and bondo (no less) on the bottom ... any suggestions welcomed ... thanks ... chuck

: Chuck
: jeepanels plus will make just what you need
: Sheldon is very helpful and will fabricate a panel to your carboard pattern, or he has side panels, floor panels ready to ship out, ect. will even include some scrap pieces for hole patching if you ask him, he did for me.
: there are other places to get floor pans, I havent delt with those so I have no information on any other suppilers
: Sorry cant help on their phone number(best way to contact them) but I am sure someone has it out here... if not posted soon, I will dig thru reciepts for his contact info
: JeePanels Plus (out east) talk to Sheldon

still the best way to contact them is by phone, (he isnt the fastest using his email)

Sheldon(or his son)
Jeepanels Plus
"We Make What We Sell"
96 Reservoir Road South Paris, ME 042810
Phone: (207) 743-7671 Fax: (207)743-6867 Email: jpplus@jeepanels.com

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