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Please see Questions and Answers for some topics that frequently appear on this board. As you can see, this board loads rather slowly. If you are posting something for sale, please remember to include your location since someone who might otherwise be interested might not be able to use a part or a vehicle that is too far away. Posting your location when you're selling something that needs to be hauled will save everyone's time (and reduce the number of posts on this already too-slow message board). Thanks.

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Posted by Gary Arf on June 09, 2005 at 21:29:35:

In Reply to: Posted by on June 09, 2005 at 01:13:53:

: As most of you have noticed I enjoy this board and talking to all of you. Again in the last few weeks questions have come up that are answered in the Q & A and on the main page of this board. I know some of you are new and of course you are more than welcome but if the time is taken to check the rest of this site you will find some of you question's answered quicker. Please take this as a helpfull hint. Bill

Bill, you are 100% right and your advise is more than helpfull, but there is the factor of "that's not my jeep" thing that will keep us users of this site keep giving our knowledge to a younger more inexperienced crowd that can't figure out how to "get it running" or "what is correct". We as a Group have to carry the ignorant thu the steps even thou the info is simply back a month or eight. That is our job, and if you left, and others on this post didn't respond it would cripple this site, like others on the web. (cj.com)_ not that that is a bad site, just not used.

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