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i need some help to get her running before i tear her down to the frame

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Posted by rustbucket on June 09, 2005 at 22:27:17:

her body is a bunch little people holding hands underneath, but on top she looks as fresh as a spring chicken with a fresh coat of flamin hot rattle can red. i just picked her up yesterday saved from a rusty death in the woods. the guys i bought her from were a little more brave than i. she runs started right up, shifts ok, 4x4 high & low work well. has been changed over to 12volt alternator gets her gas from a scary little electric fuel pump with gas leaking over the wires. and no and when i say no i mean zero brakes. steering is loose turn the wheel a good amount before tou feel anything that wants to turn the tires. this is my first jeep and my first car restoration project. (so expect a lot of questions) i am planning to take her down to the frame and build her back up, but before i do that i wanted to take it for a test flight to see what she is made of. today i changed all her fluids and since the real gas tank is full of crap i hooked up a small outboard motor tank up in the bed and ran a fuel line to the scary fuel pump. i feel better now that the gas can is not just wired to the radiator leaking all over the engine. anyway i am rambling like a drunkin sailor.

water pump?? there is a kinda oval shaped opening under the the pump right before it gets to the shaft for the fan. looks like a factory opening not like i froze and blew something out? all the water seems to leak out of the hole. does this mean the water pump is fried? dont want it to get too hot on the test flight? any quick fixes?

brakes?? there is a round plate that comes off the floor board just under the brake pedal. what is behind that seems to be the master cylinder? it has a square bolt on top is this where the fluid goes in? it does not look like any of the pics for master cylinders i have seen in catalogs? new better design?

body the top of the body is not really all that bad, floor boards are ok with a few holes, but it seems that everywhere the body mounts to the frame and all the c-channel supports under the body have allmost rusted away. i am really getting ahead of myself here, but has anyone ever seen one of the fiberglass body kits like in the jc whitney catalog? any good? i have not decided what to do with the body yet.

anyway thanks for the help
i am going to the indiana flatfender gathering am hoping to see some cool stuff there, but look out i will certanily be bugging everyone with lots of questions.

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