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Re: thanks for the ideas on the plug found a easy way out. are my valves stuck?

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Posted by Bill Goodwin on June 11, 2005 at 23:53:53:

In Reply to: Posted by on June 11, 2005 at 21:42:57:

OK time to push it out into the street and pretend it's not yours. Welcome to the age of CJs. You are finding what all of us would form a BARN FRESH find. You are right one or more of the valves are stuck. Common porblem. I'm sure someone has a better idea but first use plenty of penatrating oil-let sit and soake for a few days adding oil each day. Use a rubber or deadblow hammer and gently tap on the valves. Take the valve cover off and rotate the cam so the valve stem can move down. This will also tell you how many are stuck. If you remove the intake and exaust manifolds theis will be easer and by now you need most of the gaskets anyway. See how I spend your money! If the valvues are really stuck good then by the time you move them new guides will be needed. Don't wory valves and guides are cheap. Labor and valvue grinding arent. I re-gress: As for carbon a wire bursh by hand or drill or dremal works well. Be careful not to damage the valve surface or the seats. Hitting a valve with a hard hammer or way tooo Harrrd willl damage the valve or bend it. Hope you have the manual as it will tell you how to check the valvues and the correct adjustment. While the valve cover is off its time to clean and inspect whats inside. Note and thing that looks wrong. Hint when putting head back on: If one or all the sutds are still in the block be sure they are snug bemore putting the head back on. Some go into the water jacket and if they are not sung and gooodinnntiigght they will leak plus when you bottom out the top nut you might not have the stud seated and terefore the incorrect head toqure. Make sense? On the the next problem you are about to find. Bill

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