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Please see Questions and Answers for some topics that frequently appear on this board. As you can see, this board loads rather slowly. If you are posting something for sale, please remember to include your location since someone who might otherwise be interested might not be able to use a part or a vehicle that is too far away. Posting your location when you're selling something that needs to be hauled will save everyone's time (and reduce the number of posts on this already too-slow message board). Thanks.

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Posted by Bill Goodwin on June 13, 2005 at 14:12:42:

In Reply to: Posted by on June 12, 2005 at 15:48:39:

: : Thanks Gary: I have noticed many who were on the board when I found it no longer reply and that's a shame. My knowledge is limited and some questions I have no clue. Sometimes I miss something or just get it wrong. Then of corse I can't spell. At times the answers already given I agree with and do not add more. I only hope some have not left here for good. Bill

: Bill I have noticed the same thing, but as you can see others find their way here and there is allways a new name and question. I'm just a carpenter and a pretend mechanic, I don't know how to change plugs in a new car. But I've had the simple Jeep for allmost 30 years and they're still the same!! Gary

Gary: I envy those who can work with wood. Can't drive a nail straight or cut a straight line. I'm a radio brodcast engineer (X announcer) and not a master mechanic. Owning and fixing old cars has been a hobby of mine since the mid 60s. Like you have had 2As for over 30 years. Looking under the hood of my 99 caddy I'm lucky the find the dipstick-Good thing it has a lable on it. Give me a 2A or a car like my 69 Galaxie (the Red Rag) to work on anytime. Now that I also own 2 Triumph's I've learned to cuss in English!!! Bill

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