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Posted by Lane on June 13, 2005 at 18:34:37:

In Reply to: Posted by on June 13, 2005 at 10:55:35:

: : : this just gives me an excuse to pull the engine out and start taking it apart. this is why i wanted to buy a jeep like this. i want to learn how to take it apart and fix it. figure it is a simple enough design that i can figure out how to do it all. i would imiagne that it will be easier to do thw body and engine work on an old flatfender than an pickup of the same era. cant wait to pull the motor and get down to it.

: : Rustbucket, Hang tight, don't do a thing, stand back and look at everything around you, your wife, family, everything that makes sense, think of a year from now and it is still in the garage. If this mental picture still applies, go forward and you allways have a friend here. These things tend to consume a guy and it takes a while before everyone is on your page. Good luck and take her for a RIDE, even if is up the driveway before you tear it down. Just a little advise(if your married) Gary
: : : thanks

: Gary is right on. I have asked this before. Do you have the factory manual???? Their are links on the main page as how and what you need to know about taking the engine apart. The engine is simple for its time but their are areas that require some special knowledge. Im spending your money again. Buy a box of assorted zip lock bags. Everything you take off put all the parts and nuts and bolts is a seperate bag a lable it. You will never remember where all the little parts go back if you don't. Get a cheap camera and take pictures before you do each step so you will see what goes where later. Now it is best to pull the engine-transmission and transfer as one unit. (engine holds up the outher two) Do not try to seperate the transmission and the transfer case unless you read how to do it. Where to put the lifting chains depends. Basicly any where that will support the weight (its very heavy) that wount slip or brake sometheing. Using 4 studs -2 left right frount and 2 back should work. 2 chains wraped around the oil pan just be careful as they come up along the sides. Do not lift by the manifolds. Overhead hoist works best as a shop crane requires the removal of the radiator and ft grill. (unless it lifts real high) I used 2 nylon tie down straps (under oil pan) and a shop crane to put my freshly painted engine-trans-transfer on a bare frame. You get the idea. Unless you are very good this is not a job to do by yourself. Now is time to get your wife's hands dirty. Bill

Right as usual. Take it from me that what lies ahead could be turning over to the dark side. Ask Darth Vader about that. My project started off like wildfire and now over a year later having torn every nut and bolt apart on the old girl, I have my motor in my carport working on gaskets and a broken manifold stud, the T90 and T18 are laying there as well waiting for new seals and gaskets, the frame is 200 miles away with various other redone parts, and the column shift assy is in the basement waiting assembly. Don't even ask about body parts. Would I do it again? Probably not in this fashion and if the wife had anything to say about it! It is FUN and VERY educational and it's good advice to listen to the vets here as they will keep you from shooting yourself. With persistance, tenacity and late nights, someday it will roll again under its own power.

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