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Re: Any recom. on a cj2a?

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Posted by Bill Goodwin on June 14, 2005 at 14:03:21:

In Reply to: Posted by on June 14, 2005 at 05:24:54:

: : I just got a 1948 cj2a. The jeep runs fine and evyting is in working order except the spedometer. Also, the transmission throws out of 2nd when using to slow the jeep going downhill. A few spots show up on the garage floor after running, but nothing major. My main question is on common problems/concerns. The electrical system has been changed to a 12v system and the brakes are original, as it seems this is a common replacement. Any advice or pointers would be appreciated as I am new to the jeep family (finally).

: Tom, welome to the club. the first thing I would do if I got a new addition would be drain and change all your fluids, you may find water in anything or everthing. Plus you don,t know what or when things were changed, at least you will have an x-ray of the insides.(check for shavings ect..)Do a thorough lubing, learn to make "knuckle pudding" and where it goes, (see earlier post) Purchase a good manuel and parts book.But mostly have fun and turn heads. Gary

WELCOME!!! Do as Gary said. Yes even the X-RAY. HE HE. Only a few spots on the floor. Give me your Jeep!!! Unless it has no fluids in it. Pops out of 2nd. Most likely the 2nd geer synco. Yup the tranny has to come apart. 12 volt should be no problem if it was done right. Scroll down and read the posts about that. Plseae go to the main page and click on the links and also the Q & A section. Orignal brakes work OK but you will have to learn how to adjust them. You will also have to learn how to remove the rear drums to check the brakes. The Manual will tell where to lube everything. Use any good modern greese. If you have a oil filter-drain it - plug in botton - and clean it out. Filters are available from any vendor and NAPA (gotta look up the number) Use any good modern oil miulti weight OK. Trans-Transfer-Axles use standard 90 wt geer oil. Read about knuckle pudding. (some use it some dont) Your choice here. Exepct the steering to be loose. Post's below and on main page to get you started on how the make it better. Get a post office box for the bills that are about to come so your wife does not know how much you are about to spend. Be ready to use her oven-dishwasher and yes even her frezzer for parts. Speedometer-cable and all parts can be found at most any vendor. Should be a easy fix. Above be safe and have fun. Note on Brakes: The orignal are not like modern-they do not go on or adjust the same. Most modern Mechanics do not know about them. Just be sure you can STOP. We are here to help. Bill

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