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Re: Repo Windshields

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Posted by Gary Arf on June 15, 2005 at 20:21:55:

In Reply to: Posted by on June 15, 2005 at 09:47:38:

: I see by a lower post that (BC) got a repo windshield that fit. As I said the problem might have been fixed. I found 2 years ago they did not on repo bodys or oringals. If you just set it on the cowl it looks ok. Placeing the rubber under it will also look ok. But once you attach the windshield to the body then the gap appears. The mounting brackets have some adjustment but not enough. I found most vendors did not know this. Most have not put one together. The vendor I bought from knew it but did not tell me till I tried to mount it. He said just shave the rubber. I sold my repo windshield last night and explained what had to be done. I beleive the buyer will tell us how his fix worked when he gets to it. In short just be carefull if you buy one as even if the problem has been fixed their are some old ones still in vendors stock. Bill

Bill, thanks for the heads up, I respect your judement and opinion, I think it's a good thing for all users of this service to make there disappointments in venders or sellers public, as long as It's not personal or political. I think we are heard here in a venue such as this and thats a good thing for better business. Don't take a problem here unless you got a good case, and no solution from the vendor. Bill, you have been working this angle for a while now and it seems that it may have paid off in complaining about a real problem that needed to be addressed.

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