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Re: CJ2A Distributor removal

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Posted by Bill Goowin on June 20, 2005 at 08:37:06:

In Reply to: Posted by on June 19, 2005 at 06:24:45:

: The engine on this Willys ran great for a few days. We tried to crank it, and it would not run. I checked the points, and noticed that the distributor did not spin around with the engine. I suspected the gear drive somewhere, however with all visible bolts removed, the distributor will not come out. We sprayed in various penetrating oils for weeks, and it is rock solid in place. Where oh where am I going wrong?? Thanks

If the distributor shaft is not turning then 1st check if you can turn the rotor bv hand. If so then the shaft is broken (unlikely) it has come out of the oil pump or the oil pump broke. Their is only 1 bolt that holds the dist in the block. Distributor don't normally stick but some can be. With a small rubber hammer or dead blow tap (not hard hit) upwards on the bottom. As you know the shaft goes into a slot in the oil pump. Unless you know how to take out and re-install the oil pump its not a good idea to do so. Pump has to go back in correctly for Jeep to run. If when cranking engine you get a little oil pressure then the pump is most likely working. For now I would just keep tapping and pulling. It should come out. After you get it out we can go from their. If if still wount come out then we will go from their. Guss I did not answer you question but I don't wnat you to damage or make problem wrose. Bill

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