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Re: building a colum shift trany?

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Posted by Bill Goowin on June 21, 2005 at 23:28:07:

In Reply to: Posted by on June 21, 2005 at 19:30:03:

: : hi i have a 45 2a. someone took my orig trany out and replaced it w/ a floor 3 speed trany dated 07-14-47. i found a colum shift trany case that seems to be in good shape. i still have the shifting linkage on the colum but no linkage to the trany i know someone makes the rods but i forget who. i have no shift lever on the colum. i also need to know if it can transplant the guts from the 47 trany into the 45-46 housing. if so what will i need to do it so that it will work. if some one can send me a web link giving me some direction that would be great. also if someone can let me know where i can find the parts i am missing (shifter lever, trany linkage to steering colum, top cover w/ breather valve, and tub floor plate). i can send pics if that woul make it more clear what i do and do not have. thanks for any help.

: Mike,
: I can help you out with the linkage rods. There exact copies of my rods from my 45CJ2A. I'm also working on the anti-rattler tabs but still in the experimental stage. I'm asking $30.00 a set plus shipping. They'll be painted black and some with a cotter pin. You'll need the clevis yokes as well and rubber grommets with the steel core. You can get the yokes and grommets from Walcks for $6.00 each. The yokes are too narrow as is and you'll have to widen them out to fit the grommets. Some heat and a wedge will do it. I'm in the middle of rebuilding mine and plan on using Novaks kit. I'm going to call them tomorrow and inqiure as to the side shift differences if any. No doubt the seals for the side linkage would have to be bought seperate.

: The floor plate halves can be made out of sheet metal unless one of the jeep parts dealers happen to have a set. If you can't find any let me know and I'll send you a pattern or if I get time I'll cut a set. The shift handle is the same as the jeepsters (I think) but again maybe one of the jeep parts guys may have one. One pops up on Ebay occassionally.

: I do have an extra side shifter T90 complete in the basement in case of an emergency but I may be willing to part with it or trade for it. Let us now how you make out with your search.

In the past Walcks had all the shift linkgae including the column parts. After converting one form the side to a top loader I suggest you have the forks and the outer rod attachment parts. Inside you will need to have the 2 little balls and spring that holds the forks in posistion. You will see these parts in the manual. I would be sure you have all the needed parts before you start. Rest of the internal parts are the same. Oh look out for falling needle barrings. Let us know how it comes along and if you need anything. Bill

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