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Re: New CJ2A in the Family

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Posted by Gary Arf on July 05, 2005 at 20:54:46:

In Reply to: Posted by on July 05, 2005 at 18:47:12:

: As of today we have adopted a 1948 CJ2A. We think we have the original metal roof and doors, but cannot find specs on them.

: Also, this is our family's first restoration project. So, where would veterans at this suggest we begin? It is missing the gas tank, needs rewiring, body rust work, and all new brakes. This is our fourth Jeep, but our first classic that needs restoration. Any thoughts, input, suggestions, etc, is greatly appreciated.

: We have serial number 182587.

: Jeepin' Ole Mississippi,
: Margaret

Margaret, Welcome to a fun project. As you have had a few jeeps before you are probably ready for this. I will start out saying the 48 2a was the best engeenered 2a made, with a few more made in 49. Also almost all earlier parts will work on yours,(see your maneual, if you don't have one get it now.)Go slow and don't buy the pretty parts first. Depending on your project and all the different things that will need help, try to break it down into, what is the thing it needs the most help today so I can find the next problem it needs. If you can use it it as you fix it it will be easier to keep your interest in it. An all out assault on an original frame off restoration is a daunting challenge and be ready to spend a year of your life and garage taken. Having said that These are simple machines and easy for a limited mechanical background. Most of the Best things in life are a labor of love. I hope you love your 2a,as I, and most of us that are in the process of restoring ours have found it rewarding. As to what to do first on your list....Brakes. Good luck, keep us posted. Gary Arf

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