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Re: The CJ2A Page -- For Sale???

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Posted by mikeg on July 06, 2005 at 11:13:08:

In Reply to: Posted by on July 05, 2005 at 20:36:26:

1st off, i wish you good luck Jonny. thank you for all you have done for this site.
2nd, I would have no problem if this site would be a paying site. The cj page saves me and all of us money and time and keeps us from makeing costly mistakes over and over. This site gives us the ability to meet others that share our obsestion w/ the jeep. All the info and years of experance from each user of the cj pages are priceless. what ever happens I would have no problem donating or paying a membership to see this site continue.

: Hi Gang,

: First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who reads or has contributed to The CJ2A Page. Without you, this place would be just another homepage.

: A lot has happened over the last two years. About a year and a half ago I lost my job -- and I was buying a house! I moved from L.A. up to Northern Washington where the house it. It took me a while to find work.

: Last December (as some of you will remember) I lost the job I got up here. The same day, my mom went into hospital. My fiancée came out over Christmas. She decided in January that she really didn't want to get married. My mom died in February. I had to sell my CJ2A. In spite of quite a lot of résumé-sending, I have yet to find a job. My unemployment benefits have run out.

: But there's a bright spot. I've hooked up with a video studio in town. (One of the things I do is videography and cinematography.) The guy who runs the studio wants a partner. All I have to do is bring my gear and experience. We're talking seriously about opening a new studio in Los Angeles and getting people to run the Bellingham studio. We were hired on Saturday to do a live broadcast on FOX in Idaho. We have a short film (mine) that we want to make, and we're talking about writing a feature.

: As you can see, it's rather busy.

: There is no more room on the server for more photos. A reader did provide extra space, but between personal tragedies and looking for work I was not able to use it. Since my computer's hard drive failed, I have lost the information for this extra space. I also had some places bookmarked for a better message board -- one that would allow different forums, and with new messages at the top of the page. Those bookmarks are gone. I was able to recover the images and HTML pages for the site, though.

: And I'm burned out.

: I've thought about selling the page. The problem with that is that the buyer may turn it into something that none of us want. Unless...

: Unless somebody -- an enthusiast who reads these pages -- wants to take over. This person would take over the domain and the server space. That should cost less than $100/year, I think. (Not much, but there have been times when I didn't HAVE an extra $100/year and had to do some juggling.) He or she would copy the pages onto his or her computer. That would be easier and much less time-consuming than e-mailing them. Most browsers will save the photos with the HTML when you 'save as'. I'd ask for the new username and password, but that would be having my cake and also eating it. Better to make a clean break if it happens.

: Otherwise, I can continue to update the Locator page; but I've run out of steam to look for more webspace, better message board, etc. It would be good to have someone else take it over.

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