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Please see Questions and Answers for some topics that frequently appear on this board. As you can see, this board loads rather slowly. If you are posting something for sale, please remember to include your location since someone who might otherwise be interested might not be able to use a part or a vehicle that is too far away. Posting your location when you're selling something that needs to be hauled will save everyone's time (and reduce the number of posts on this already too-slow message board). Thanks.

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Re: The CJ2A Page -- For Sale???

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Posted by Johnny the Webmaster on July 07, 2005 at 09:25:37:

In Reply to: Posted by on July 06, 2005 at 21:32:39:

Thanks, Gary.

I too, hope that it will retain the same format. (By the way, this page is patterned after Derek's CJ3B page.) I've received an e-mail from a regular reader who has some very good ideas. I've always wanted a better message board, similar to the one I usually hang out on (linked on the main page). I like having separate forums, a search feature, and that threads with new messages are displayed at the tops of the lists. You do have to log in, but you can stay logged in; so you only have to do it once (or occasionally). I like the other kind of message board, but as I said in the OP I've been rather distracted for the last couple of years.

My regluar hangout is 'pay-to-post' (a very modest cost per year, considering all of the information on any topic under the sun that is available) but is free to read. Such a board is not necessarily a pay-site; but with over 50,000 members, it was becoming expensive to maintain. A message board on a small site like this one should not need paid subscriptions. I hope that whoever takes over will keep it free.

As I said, there have been a couple of e-mails from readers who have expressed an interest in taking over the site. This is good, since a reader is more likely to keep the spirit of the site. Once it is transferred over, I'll have no say in its operation or format; but I can trust you guys to 'keep it real'.

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