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Re: 6 to 12V....Points Problem

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Posted by ed on July 07, 2005 at 10:06:11:

In Reply to: Posted by on July 05, 2005 at 18:42:56:

If you have a 12v coil it goes between the coil and points,and if you have a 6v coil it goes between the switch and coil, or you will burn up the coil.

: Guys:

: Evidently when you go from 6 to 12v, you fry your points unless you get a voltage reducer (12v to 8v) that goes between your coil and distributer. In my case it was 2600 miles before the Jeep started running real bad.

: I saw junk floating around in the glass bowl of the fuel pump, so I thought I had a bad tank of gas; everything on the Jeep only had 2600 miles on it (new plastic tank, new gas line, new fuel pump). After cleaning out the junk, I decided to clean out the carb (which was rebuilt only 2600 miles ago). Turns out the carb was loose on the intake manifold (nuts had backed off). The carb was clean inside. I checked the points gap, and it was much greater than .020", so I regapped. Engine still ran bad.

: I don't have a drip rail on my fire wall, and water had puddled around the plugs (Jeep used to sit outside for 2 yrs after restoration ..... didn't have garage space back then). I thougth maybe the plugs were bad (rust around the outside of them). Changed them; still ran bad.

: By running bad, I mean that it would cut out under load, so next I went to the coil on the advice of a mechanic friend (has anyone priced 12v coils lately? Ouch!) Still ran bad.

: Finally I decided to put in the extra set of points I carry around. Once I saw the old set, they were shot (hard to see how bad they are when they are in the distributer..... darn biofocals). Ran great.

: Went to Mile Hi Jeep; bought 2 more sets of spare points, when the counter person told me about the need for the 12v to 8v reducer needed, so that the points last longer.

: Live and learn. At least now I have an extra coil and set of plugs (and 2 sets of points) I now carry in the Jeep. I will shop for the inline voltage regulator/reducer tomorrow at CarQuest. I will let you guys know the part number once I get it.

: Oh yeah, at least the carb is tight to the intake manifold now.

: Gary

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