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Re: Format suggestion

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Posted by rocnroll on July 08, 2005 at 16:09:01:

In Reply to: Posted by on July 05, 2005 at 20:36:26:

Just a suggestion IF a format change has to take place....go to http://groups.msn.com and check out some of the 'groups' type forums.

MSN does happen to have a few little idiosyncrasies of it's own and they ARE 'membership type' sites, but they are setup to be VERY readable, user friendly type setups. The memberships as such aren't that big a deal once you are signed up, it's pretty much a one time thing, not something you have to do all the time and that is what the 'membership' is...signing up, NOT any kind of dues or payment, they are free. What the membership does is allow the webmaster to watch over and administer as he sees fit and keep any troublemakers or problems relating to regular users to a minimum.

I belong to a flathead Ford site there and it contains a great bunch of guys that are almost to a point an extension of family. Great knowledge and friendly help. In short, worth putting up with MSN's sometime BS (by some members, not all. I think it's more of a personal hardware issue sometimes) But as far as trouble with 'readability' issues, none. I like the way that all comments to a topic are there when you open the topic instead of clicking on each comment, saves time and to me, is more interesting reading. Another benefit is when any comment is added to the thread it goes 'back to the top' of the forum just like a new topic would. Again, easier to keep up with the topic and you don't have to scroll back down the page to see if anyone answered your subject. One more thing, there is picture storage and picture posting availability there too, an added bonus in my opinion.

This is just a personal observation and by no means is an indication of how I think Johnny has conducted this site. I would like to thank you, Johnny, for your hard work here and have really appreciated what you have done for us and wish you all the best of luck in the future. This is just a suggestion if changes DO have to be made. Generally speaking, people are resistant to change even for the better, so this is just something else to look at and compare to.

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