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leaded gas? engine rebuild? indiana help

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Posted by rustbucket on July 09, 2005 at 23:51:13:

just thinking today does my old jeep need leaded gas? been working along on my restioation. been working on the parts i can get off and fix myself. rebuilt window frame welded the million holes drilled into it repainted it. allmots done. been working on gas tank flushed inside filled the two holes with some jb weld, actually pretty much coated the whole bottom with jb had some pitting. trying to save all the parts i can. anyway i was at the indy flatfender show with my mom and sister had to leave to go to the fishers freedom festival (would have rather aleaned one of your jeeps with a tooth brush than gone to that) came back but you guys must have been out on the poker run i sat in the lot with a couple of other people for about 45min then had to go again. anyway i was wondering if there was somewhere around here that you would reccomend for a complete engine rebuild? in an earlier post i was worried about stuck valves, not the case i ust did not understand how the moved i took you advise and put a rope around crank and watched them all go up and down. i am going to try to ge the engine started for a test run. my waterpump is fried i also need a new fuel pump it was bypassed with an electric one which is now gone. got a new head gasket waiting to find a thermostat housing gasket and then i can bolt that back on too. is there anything other than the thermostat in the housing? like a retainer maybe? engine might run fine but the guys i bought her off of said that after running for about a half hour the engine started to make a noise?? who knows he said he thought it was the main bearings not like a rod noise. for all i know it was the water pump or that i was not running on all four cylinders due to at least one of the plugs being rusted out. who knows i would like to have the engine totally redone dont know where to take it. had a buddy over that is a gearhead he was feeling inside the cylinders telling me how good thet felt and how the were not very worn. i am kind of strange im 28 like all kinds of old stuff have a couple of old wod boats my favorite music is frank sinatra if any of you live around noblesville you will know what i am talking about all this urban sprawl just makes me sick. lived up in northern MI for the last couple years now i come back and see where there used to be farms of forests now there is a starbucks stripmall and all kinds of other stuff no one needs. enough of that talk i guess what i am trying to say is that i was born 40 yrs too late and i would like my jeep to run like it was new no matter what it looks like on the outside because i will surley drive it everywhere instead of my fancy new car that i hate. i am rambling if anbody is still reading this i also need to get my frame welded a little it had the passenger side shock bracket break off and some did a funky piss poor job of fixing it and i am sure that someone with more welding experience than me could do it a lot better. the two places i talked too said the would not weld frames due to liability. i am going to quit talking now due to the fact you are surley about to slit your wrists from the boring rambling of this post.

thanks in advance for your responses
had a good time at the rally wish i could have won the fancy trailer. gonna need one for when i drive my jeep out to montana next summer to go fly fishing with some old buddies.

thanks again

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