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Posted by Ken Levan on July 13, 2005 at 13:27:01:

In Reply to: Posted by on July 13, 2005 at 07:30:09:

If you are a meticulous conservationist and a slave to originality who intends to restore your CJ2A to "original" condition, then you will probably be happiest if frame tag and body gusset numbers match exactly and the number on the block above the water pump fits in that production sequence.
If you want to repair it, maintain it, and drive it; it simply doesn't matter. As others have mentioned, you will probably never recoup your investment from a CJ2A.
Don't do what I did. I became so focused on originality, that I spent twice as much money as I needed to. Even when I discovered, the original engine cound not be rebuilt, I pressed on greatly exceeding that which I can ever expect to recoup.
Since I completed my project, I use the hell out of my CJ2A under very rugged conditions. My museum quality restoration has been used to bring a bull elk out of a canyon in New Mexico where my hunting pals would not take their ATVs.
Decide why you want a CJ2A, then select and repair or restore accordingly.
Richard Megley has a great explanation. I will try to find his webpage and provide it to you.

: In the grand scheme of things how important is it for a jeep to have the frame serial number tag if it has the body tag and the engine also has the correct tag? I have been searching for a cj-2a with both tags and the original engine, but I just can not seem to find any.

: Thanks
: Scott

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