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Posted by Gary Arf on July 14, 2005 at 21:18:06:

In Reply to: Posted by on July 13, 2005 at 10:27:39:

: It is only important if it is important to YOUR grand scheme. Glenn has the right idea. It may be a good selling point if someone such as yourself is looking for that, but as far as making it worth ALOT more, I can't see it. Just remember these aren't Duesenbergs we're playing with here.

: In the overall grand scheme of collecting some 'Classic' vehicle, this is more toward the 'entertainment' end of the spectrum. Don't get in to collecting Jeeps as a means of supplimenting your 401K! (depleting your 401K could be closer to the truth)

: Enjoy what you've got, get matching tags if it's important. I think Barett/Jackson's Auction has done about as much to mess up the old car hobby as it has to help it....just an opinion.

I agree with all that has been said. There is a small portion of these jeeps that are comanding higher demand and price (early column sift) but at this time it is not a BIG difference unless you have a untouched origanal with early ser.#. The main thing I have to say, these Jeeps were ment to be used. Have fun with yours and you can allway fix whats wrong. PS I painted mine with a brush and can fix any of those branch scrapes in about 15 min. and always looks good.

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